Hot Chelle Rae

Mat Kearney

Mister Wives

Rachel Platten

Hilary Duff

Eric Hutchinson

Who Hurt You



Lindsey Stirling

James TW

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

The Color Morale

Matthew West

White Sea

Melissa Etheridge

We are Leo



Quinn Lewis



Stone Sour


Karise Eden

Leanna Crawford


2021 Mixer Lion and Bear EP Tooth and Nail
2021 Mixer Zero 9:36 …If You Dont Save Yourself Atlantic
2021 Mixer Ryan Ellis Provident
2021 Mixer Against The Current Weapon Fueled By Ramen
2020 Writer/Producer/Mixer Hangnail Christmas Hymns Tooth and Nail
2020 Mixer Lights Deck The Halls Fueled By Ramen
2020 Mixer Chloe Moriondo I Want To Be With You Fueled By Ramen
2020 Writer/Producer/Mixer Jordan Feliz Say It Centricity
2020 Mixer Grandson Death Of An Optimist Fueled By Ramen
2020 Mixer I Am They Faithful God Provident
2020 Mixer Anberlin We Are The Lost Ones
2020 Mixer Anberlin Tear Us Apart
2020 Mixer Jorge Mhondera More Of You BEC
2020 Mixer Royal And The Serpent FU Atlantic
2020 Mixer Hot Chelle Rae Tangerine Artbeatz
2020 Mixer Matthew West Brand New Provident
2020 Mixer Loose Talk Another Place
2020 Mixer Tasha Layton Into The Sea (Its Gonna Be OK) BEC
2019 Mixer Mister Wives Mini Bloom EP Fueled By Ramen
2019 Mixer Skillet Anchor (Reimagined) Atlantic
2019 Mixer Jorge Mhondera Oh The Power BEC
2019 Mixer Jorge Mhondera Symphony BEC
2019 Mixer Who Hurt You The One That Got Away Elektra
2019 Mixer Matthew West Truth Be Told Provident
2019 Mixer Tasha Layton Safe Here BEC
2019 Editor Quinn Lewis Only Everything Arista
2019 Engineer Skillet Victorious LP Atlantic
2019 Editor Quinn Lewis Hanging On Arista
2019 Mixer Emma Hewitt Ties
2019 Mixer Tasha Layton Filled Up BEC
2019 Mixer Loose Talk Iron Heel
2019 Mixer Rapture Ruckus Method To The Madness
2019 Mixer All Things New Grace That Changes Everything BEC
2019 Mixer Tasha Layton Sound Of Heaven BEC
2019 Mixer Tasha Layton Love Lifting Me BEC
2019 Mixer WhoHurtYou Wish We Never Met Fueled By Ramen
2019 Mixer WhoHurtYou Nobody Wins Fueled By Ramen
2019 Mixer WhoHurtYou Can We Still Be Friends Fueled By Ramen
2019 Mixer WhoHurtYou Not The One Fueled By Ramen
2018 Mixer Dayseye Victory
2018 Mixer Adam Reily Beauty Isn't Love
2018 Mixer Adam Reily Drunkonya
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2018 Producer/Mixer Releaser
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2018 Engineer Ledger Ledger – EP Atlantic/Hear It Loud
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2017 Producer/Mixer F For Effort Part 1 White
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2017 Mixer James TW Ex (Acoustic version) Island
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2016 Mixer John Martin Love Sick EP
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2016 Producer/Mixer Boiling Point In It To Win It
2016 Producer/Mixer Boiling Point To The End
2016 Engineer Courtney Love
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2016 Mixer Tennies Do What We Want
2016 Mixer Tennies Your Ghost
2016 Mixer White Sea Yesterday Crush Music
2016 Mixer Erin Kalin Shame
2016 Mixer Cassy London Magic
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2016 Editor/Engineer Charlotte Lawrence Survive
2016 Mixer Colette Car Get Dumb Kawaii Nation
2016 Editor Shawn Hook Shy
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2016 Engineer/Mixer Lindsey Stirling Firefly
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2016 Editor Krewella Trojan Horse
2016 Editor Krewella Loyal
2016 Mixer Tennies Do What We Want
2016 Mixer Tennies Your Ghost
2016 Mixer/Editor Markl Every Broken Hearted Girl
2016 Mixer Leader Legends
2016 Mixer Colette Car Moments In Love Kawaii Nation
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2015 Mixer The Preatures Cruel Mercury
2015 Producer/Mixer Modern Echo Elan Vital (EP)
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2014 Mixer Short Stack Amy Mercury
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2014 Mixer Paulini By My Side Decca
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2014 Mixer Bella Yoseski My Girls Mercury
2014 Mixer Megan Washington Jungle Mercury
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2014 Mixer/Engineer The Color Morale Prey For ME (acoustic) Fearless
2014 Mixer/Engineer The Spark Burning Hearts (LP)
2014 Mixer Eric Hutchinson Pure Fiction (LP)
2014 Mixer Naomi Dornfield
2014 Mixer Abandon
2013 Engineer We As Human Zombie Atlantic
2013 Engineer Skillet Rise Atlantic
2013 Producer/Mixer Anberlin Vital The Remixes Big 3
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2013 Mixer Teresa Reynolds
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2012 Producer/Mixer Cities and Saints Lead The Escape (EP)
2012 Mixer Lecrae
2012 Mixer Pro
2012 Mixer Mayflower and The Other Shores
2012 Mixer Cellofourte String Tribute To Skillet
2011 Mixer Random Hero Breakdown
2011 Producer/Mixer Lexi Elisha Let Go (EP)
2011 Engineer Hyland Tooth and Nail
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2009 Producer/Mixer Hail Archer
2009 Producer/Mixer The Goodbye Sound
2009 Mixer Engy
2008 Producer Dilana (Rockstar Supernova)
2007 Producer/Mixer Tune In Tokyo





Nick Rad is a highly sought after mixing engineer who has worked with major artists such as Rachel Platten, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Hilary Duff, Nick Fradiani, MAX, Anberlin, and Skillet. Nick began his musical career in the late 90s as a signed and touring musician in the punk rock band Hangnail (Tooth and Nail Records). He later switched gears to take over drums in the pop-rock band Acceptance (Columbia Records). While making records and touring for 7 years, his love of recording and production became his passion, which led him to where he is today. With a tasteful production sense, a highly tuned ear, and a strong midwestern work ethic, Nick is delivering mixes that have made him a staple in the professional mixing scene.